Zing CPC 

Zing CPC (Cleaning and Polishing Compound) was designed to save

50%-70% floor care labor. It replaces spray buffing, all restoration products
and reduces need for stripping. Zing CPC is a safe, dust free, self removing,
transparent floor film that can be applied with any 250-3,000 RPM floor machine
(including propane) in half the time of most floor care products. Three inches
of Zing CPC cream will cover 1,000 sq. ft. and will clean and polish in one
operation, as fast as you can walk. Use anytime you polish or burnish your
Use with Zing Floor Prep to repair high stress areas. Floor Prep cleanses the finish and eliminates stripping. (See details below)
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 Zing Floor Prep - Eliminates Stripping   

Zing Floor Prep, fortified with CPC is the only floor cleaner you will need for
maintaining and repairing floors. Use for all mopping, auto-scrubbing, repairing high traffic areas and prior to re-coating. Designed to guard against stripping and problems that cause starting over.
Zing Floor Prep
opens the pores of the top surface of the finish and lifts out the soil without removing the finish. Using a high speed burnisher you can lift soil from finish up to four coats deep without removing the finish.
The Science of Zing Floor Care Technology

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